My So-Called Blog

Rejecting proper blogging elements (content management system, search bar, reader comments, category tags, anything dynamic), this is a defiantly static HTML collection of things I've written. A decade of dealing with Wordpress on three blogs has given me nothing but junk mail and spam. Nothing you'll read here needs a MySQL database. Since life moves faster than my ability to document it, rants and opinions will be posted as time allows. Thanks for your support!

The Latest

my hand-drawn HTML sketch from 1998

HTML Retro Build

I was crazy enough to build actual HTML from this 20-year-old hand-drawn sketch.

photo of my PowerBook G3 and Macbook Pro

Web Development History of This Site

Follow the author's journey of writing, designing, and coding this website.


Slightly Older

photo of 24 Hour Comic artists at Hub Comics in Somerville MA, 2008

24-Hour Comics Day 2008

My third attempt at producing a 24-page comic book in 24 consecutive hours didn't go as planned.

thematic image of my Watchmen trailer blog

Watchmen Movie Trailer Review

That's right, even the trailer annoyed me in real time.

thematic image of my autobiography blog

Autobiography of Malcolm XHTML

How I wound up spending the most of four decades looking at screens.

photo of me in 1987

RIP Clients & Employers

Outlasting echos from the past takes pressure off in the present.

thematic image of Amway Tales blog

Amway Tales

Coming to terms with losing a close and very dear friend to Amway.