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Marshall Art Studio - Web Design | Eddie Marshall

Web Design + Development | Eddie Marshall

Client Spotlight: Eddie Marshall

Eddie Marshall (SFJazz Beacon Award-Winner) is a leading figure in San Francisco's contemporary jazz sound. He's played with nearly every major name, and co-founded The Fourth Way. He produced Holy Mischief, an album of his original music. Visit Eddie's Website

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Redesigned content and visual design of a small (7 pages) website for an world-renowned musician. Overhauled web architecture for SEO and greater usability. Reformatted text for greater legibility. Working closely with the artist's manager, rethought content presentation from the ground up.

Objectives & Considerations

  • Make the text more legible
  • The overall site needs to be more "archival and respectable" than "hip and irreverent
  • Recategorize content, adding new page for Awards, Interviews and Reviews
  • Make "Tour Dates" more intuitive and easy to use
  • Home page needs to look more like the rest of the site


  • XHTML/CSS built from the ground up
  • Strategically used H1 tags for greater SEO
  • "Tour Dates" now has a "rollover DIV" and a cleaner visual design
  • Added Google Analytics to track visitor usage
  • Consolidated "Awards, Interviews and Reviews" content on a single page
  • Redesigned text styles of "Reviews" for greater consistency
  • Removed dead links
  • Applied various text and photo changes from the client
  • Recolored main text areas for greater legibility
  • Rebranded site with more sophisticated color scheme
  • Decorated site with current photos of the artist
  • Designed a slightly different Masthead variation
  • Reordered the main Navigation based on visitor usage
  • Redesigned the Sidebar with a cleaner look, deleted problematic subheads


The month of creative dialogue, design and development began on Februray 25 2009. The final version went live on March 25 2009. The client is very pleased with both the visual design and the process of working with me. In their own words: "We are very happy. I am so glad you made us do this. Thank you."

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