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David Marshall - Sketchcrawl 22: Cambridge Massachusetts 02139

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SketchCrawl 22: Cambridge Massachusetts 02139

Page One: The Middle East Restaurant

(2009) Arrived early, hoping to get a jump on things. Somehow the warmup turned to comics.

Page Two: The Middle East Restaurant

(2009) This statue was very popular among the artists.

Page Three: The Middle East Restaurant

(2009) An intense coversation.

Page Four: The Middle East Restaurant

(2009) 10-year old Jonathan stopped by before basketball practice.

Page Five: The Middle East Restaurant

(2009) Jonathan's approach here is almost Toth-like.

Page Six: The Middle East Restaurant

(2009) Jonathan really pushing the graphite.

Page Seven: The Middle East Restaurant

(2009) Jonathan pencils again.

Page Eight: The Middle East Restaurant

(2009) Oh yeah, Jonathan's mom showing love and branding.

Page Nine: The Middle East Restaurant

(2009) Sam Marshall graced us with a quick one.

Page Ten: The Middle East Restaurant

(2009) Me again, trying to keep up with the better artists.

Page Eleven: The Middle East Restaurant

(2009) Group shot, just before we left for our next bar, The Field.

SketchCrawl sample

Roll Call: Chris O'Neill, Christine Zerilli, Ellen Crenshaw, John Burkett, Matt Bachman, Sarah Gay, Samuel Todd Marshall and Your Humble Servant. Not shown: Elizabeth Aleksandroff, Jonathan and Terri-Nicole Singleton.

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Page Twelve: The Field

(2009) After some last-minute bar tab drama, we made it to our second bar. Since I'm writing this weeks after the fact, my best guess at arrival time is 4:00 PM.

Page Thirteen: The Field

(2009) The place was dead ... almost no one to draw. We didn't stay more than 30 minutes. This one's beginning to look like my old sketches.

Page Fourteen: Tavern In The Square

(2009) It must've been near 5:00 PM at this point. This place had more people than The Field, but the angles made drawing difficult. Switching to pen backfired.

Page Fifteen: Tavern In The Square

(2009) I'm offically toast.

Page Sixteen: Tavern In The Square

(2009) 6:00 PM, and another terrific Sketchcrawl is in the books. Seeya next time.

SketchCrawl sample

Roll Call: Chris O'Neill, Christine Zerilli, Ellen Crenshaw, John Burkett, Matt Bachman, Sarah Gay and Yours Truley. Not shown: Joppa Etienne, Elizabeth Aleksandroff, Samuel Todd Marshall, Jonathan and Terri-Nicole Singleton.

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