Merrill Lynch ITG

2000-2003 Built XHTML/CSS retail and enterprise web sites, optimizing for a .NET environment. Designed and developed landing pages and web email campaigns. Focused on core functionality, user interface concepts and content management. Consolidated and updated inherited CSS. Wrote styles for main navigation and interior content. Print media design includes brochures, direct mailers, and packages, pocket folders, user manuals, trade show graphics and PowerPoint presentations.

What's an ITG?

Intelligent Technologies Group was the digital innovation division of Merrill Lynch online brokerage sites.

Web Design and Development

US Private Client (USPC)

Online investment products Merrill Lynch Direct and Merrill Lynch Online were designed as competition from day traders. Table layouts were built during the Netscape Navigator/IE wars. The archived URL shows exactly how we coded back then, while the logged in navbar is a small sample of a much larger and complicated navigation system.

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Popup Windows

I designed and developed these for direct mail campaigns sending potential customers to new products and services.

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Banner Ads

I designed a ton of these for the USPC public pages. Other campaigns include Wired and Barron's.

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ML Today Newsletter

Editorials sent as subscriber based HTML email marketing newsletter, eventually made obsolete by company blogs.

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Chicago Board Options Exchange

We built an options tutorial navigation system with 22 second-level options. Links in the HTML prototype aren't functional.

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Online marketing tool designed to load faster and look different from Merrill's other USPC sites.

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ITG Treasure Hunt

Website for a multimedia recruitment advertising campaign designed for MIT graduates.

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ITG Hunt

Print component of a multimedia recruitment advertising campaign designed for MIT graduates.

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Recruitment Ad

Two-color print ad, targeting hard-core programmers and engineers.

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Design and production for company branded swag.

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Cross-promotional advertising with an MIT-friendly bookstore.

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