2008 Front-end development and visual design for e-Commerce Marketing group. Worked closely with Copy Writer and Art Director, insuring the final results accurately presented the overall Marketing objectives. Designed multiple variations of PPC landing pages, popup windows, HTML emails and banner ads. Hand-coded final resources (XHTML, CSS, AJAX) to function in .NET platform.

PPC Landing Pages

Results of clicking on Carbonite ads on the Sponsored Link column of a Google search results page. Both included examples were initially driven by the same content. Control is a more "work with existing design elements" approach, while Challenge is built from the ground up (and directly inspired by focusing on competitor solutions). Upon sign-off, I coded the HTML into ASPX for live publication.

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HTML Email

Art direction from focus group results of previous campaigns suggested to use visual elements from the website. Formatted final code for all known Web mail (GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.) and desktop applications (Eudora, Entourage, Mail and various flavors of Outlook -- especially Outlook 2007). Combined modern CSS with old-world embedded style tags. This could've been coded over 20 years ago in PageMill.

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Popup Windows

These windows pop up from the application's Task Bar. Reflecting the current look of the website, they warn customers of when their Carbonite service is about to expire.

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Banner Ads

Designed for use on external financial websites, such as Yahoo Finance. Each banner links to a corrosponding Landing Page.

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