screenshot for Cambridge Comix Festival

Cambridge Comix Festival

2003 Mini-site for a New England multi-venue convention and exhibition of local comic book creators, organized by Hans Rickheit. Roughly 30 artists exhibited their work, networked, met with fans, talked to reporters, and sold their work. I turned Hans' bare-bones HTML wireframe into a then-considered stunningly beautiful website. The essential goal was making the site easy for the general public to read while retaining the event's enthusiasm. Visual design tasks included creating new illustrations and web graphics, and nagging artists into giving me thumbnail graphics for the member section.

"There's such hope and optimism for the death of the superhero comics and the rise of comics for adults, but it doesn't translate into anything longstanding. So three months after Time magazine or Rolling Stone say 'Wow, comics are for adults,' it goes back to business as usual."

My optimistic views as a participant, as quoted in the Cambridge Chronicle