Web Developer and Designer

Senior front-end web developer with 15+ years experience of building websites and dynamic web apps. Well versed in the constantly evolving frameworks, web accessibility, and responsive design. Strong track record of combining technical expertise, best practices, visual design sensitivity, brand awareness, and communication skills.

O'RLY cover: Resume Driven Development
Front-end Development
Tactical expertise in merging web technologies with business parameters and project goals
Strong sense of coding for web accessibility
Dedication to best practices for long-term scalability
Outstanding communicator and consensus builder throughout the development process
Code Soup
HTML5, CSS3, SCSS/LESS, JavaScript, TypeScript, SVN, Git, Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, Node JS, Angular JS, Angular Materials, Apache (HTTP Server, Tomcat, Ant and Maven), Eclipse, Grunt, Gulp, MySQL, AWS, PHP, WordPress, SEO, OpenAir, Workday, Squish, JIRA, Agile
Designing flawlessly intuitive interfaces
Thorough understanding of visual design, brand, marketing, and user experience
Strong graphics and illustrations

Recent Experience

CVS Innovation Lab

Front-End Web Developer

2019-2020 Developed, maintained, and styled dynamic web applications for a large American healthcare company. Key projects include styling and coding authentication modules for CVS Caremark.

Duck Creek Technologies

Formerly Agencyport Software. Front-End Web Developer and Designer

2011-2018 Developed and styled dynamic, responsive web apps (desktop, mobile, and cloud) for an insurance software company. Designed and maintained CSS themes for product dev, pre-sales, and customer apps. Key projects include Styles Framework website and formatting AgencyPortal with Duck Creek branding for pre-sales team. Clients include AAA, Arbella, Electric Self Service, Hanover, Kemper, Lancer, Nationwide, Pacific Specialty, State Auto, and West Bend.


Work I've done between full time jobs. Clients range from independent publishers and non-profits to departments within large companies.

screenshot of Inky Stories website

Inky Stories

January-April 2020 Complete visual design, UX, responsive, and accessibility overhaul of the web comics site published by Rotten Kid Press. Rebuilt design from 2014 into a mobile-first website. Liberated the site from Wordpress, which turned into a unmaintainable spam magnet.

  • HTML5/CSS3
  • SCSS
  • Javascript
  • Git
  • Bootstrap
  • Node.js
  • Grunt
screenshot of E.J. Barnes website

E.J. Barnes, Illustrator

November-December 2019 Responsive and accessibility enhancements for a visual artist website, with minor UX improvements, while maintaining the visual look and feel. Rebuilt HTML architecture in Bootstrap. Tasks included reformatting media files and updating third party libraries.

  • HTML5/CSS3
  • SCSS
  • Javascript
  • Bootstrap

Vintage Professional Sites

Retirement home for my old work, from a simpler time when IE7 seemed like a good idea.

screenshot of Merril Lynch website

Merril Lynch

2000-2003 Design and front-end development for large investment firm. Championed browser compatability and new web technologies by driving consensus and maintaining editorial consistency.

  • AJAX
  • .NET
  • ASP
screenshot of LTSave website


2003-2006 Design and front-end development for start-up investment company. Updated previous version, contributed to creation of new content, wrote copy, formatted graphics for print.

  • AJAX
  • Perforce
screenshot from my work for Carbonite


2008 Design and front-end development for an online security firm. Worked closely with content and art directors. Designed PPC landing pages, popup windows, HTML emails, and banner ads.

  • AJAX
  • .NET

Vintage Freelance Sites

Visual design (UX/UI), front-end web development (HTML/CSS) These old sites aren't professional by today's standards. User experiences were built for desktop screens on unresponsive grid systems, typography was limited to system fonts, CSS was in its infancy, and we still had to code for IE 6. But they have a certain charm and personality that's lost in this era of content management systems and mobile-first templates. My challenge as a UX/UI designer is expressing this defiantly naive user-first approach with today's responsive and accessibility technologies.

screenshot of the Commerce High School class of 1980 20th reunion website

Commerce High School Reunion

screenshot of Cambridge Comix Festival website

Cambridge Comix Festival

screenshot of WBZ Head for Home website

WBZ Head for Home

screenshot of Eddie Marshall website

Eddie Marshall

PS: It's weird being around long enough to see work I still remember as current fade into obsolescence. Imagine future generations mocking the innovative and amazing work you're doing right now. "Angular JS, Bootstrap, GitHub...what is this, the Dark Ages? Nobody's coded like this for decades!"