Comic Books

I've been writing and drawing professional-level comic book stories since 1986. My publishers include Fantagraphics Books, SpiderBaby Graphix, FantaCo Enterprises, Boston Comics Roundtable, and Riverbird Studios. I've also done a few 24-Hour Comics, and am a regular convention panelist at Boskone, Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo, and Boston ComicCon.

The art, lettering, and logos are done in traditional ink-on-paper media. Most original art is 12 x 18 inches. I'm currently obsessed with using modern digital tools to mimic old school print techniques. My public comic book life is in two branches: Inky Stories for art, and Art of the Comic Book for teaching.

Inky Stories

Anthology of my work, self-published by Rotten Kid Press. Selected stories are free to read as web comics. Printed books on the online store. Learn more.

Art of the Comic Book

Studio workshop for making comic book stories with ink-on-paper media. Emphasis on storytelling, collaboration, and more. Learn more.

This page will eventually be updated with examples of my comic book design and production experience. Topics include the process of making logos, text pages, and covers, as well as navigating through the modern printing process. Stay tuned!