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Marshall Art Studio: Web Design (Story Street)

Web Design + Development | Story Street

Client Spotlight: Story Street

Story Street is a unique wealth management firm focused on the investment and financial planning needs of high net worth individuals who have successfully started and built their own businesses. Visit Website

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Designed and developed the online presence for a start-up company. Built the entire site from the ground up. Customized visual design and UI for the company's unique vision and capabilities. After a 4-month development process (cross-browser CSS tweaks, content development, client input and functionality testing), the site went live on June 21, 2007. Unique considerations included:

User Interface Considerations

  • The overall user experience should be logical, easy-to-navigate and transparent
  • Render main navigation as a horizontal bar, creating easy reading and efficient use of space

Technical Considerations

  • Markup structure should be flexible enough for easy modifications, yet solid enough to outlive multiple visual designs
  • Format markup with standard HTML element tags for easy modfication, content categorization and Search Engine Optimization


The client is pleased with the final product, as well as the process of working with Marshall Art Studio

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