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Marshall Art Studio: Web Development (Powering Up)

Web Development | PoweringUp Boston

Client Spotlight: Powering Up

An online social networking tool and calendar application dedicated to Boston's digital game industry. Users can keep up on News and Conferences, share photos, read and contribute to Events and Career Opportunties, and much, much more.
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Working with The MEME. Front-end coding of a state-government mini site from client-approved Photoshop mockups. Created standards-compliant, table-free markup environment (XHTML Strict, CSS, WAI, SEO) from the ground up, designed to work in a .NET platform. The six-week development process included cross-browser CSS tweaks, content population, client input and functionality testing.

Objectives & Considerations

  • Retain client-approved, current visual design elements.
  • Format the markup for easy content modification by back-end developers
  • Comply to WAI standards for the visually- or motor-impaired, as well as users of PDAs, text browsers or web-enabled telephone


  • Rendered the Navigation text with a single background graphic; HTML text is visible to search engines, but invisible to the eye
  • Created and developed styles "on-the-fly" as content and UI changes progressed
  • Adhered to and surpassed WAI Priority 1 and 2 checkpoints
  • Wrote new styles around third-party Calendar, Photo Gallery and Toggle functions
  • Adapted page layout styles to best present dynamic content for RSS feeds
  • Contributed to Design with web styles unaccounted for in the Photoshop mockups (hover and active LINK states, various new content)
  • Alerted dev team of discrepancies between client-approved Photoshop mockup and live content


After an extensive testing period, content population and client feedback, the site went live on March 19th 2009.

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Boston Redevelopment Authority

Established by the Boston City Council to buy and sell property to encourage commercial and residential development.

Create Boston

An economic development initiative helping creative businesses realize their visions and achieve their potential for success.

Massachusetts Cultural Council

Promotes excellence, access, education and diversity in the arts. Contributes quality of life and economic vitality.

Boston Cyberarts Festival

Artists and high-technology professionals using computers to advance traditional visual and performing arts.