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David Marshall - Web Design + Development | Merrill Lynch

Web Design + Development | Merrill Lynch

Client Spotlight: Merrill Lynch

Staff Web Designer. Provided visual design for US Private Client (USPC) sites. Solved techncial, workflow, consensus-building and editorial issues. The overall user experience was improved through my individual abilities, as well as ability to work within the system.

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(2000 - 2003) Built XHTML/CSS retail and enterprise web sites, optimizing for a .NET environment. Designed and developed landing pages and web email campaigns. Focused on core functionality, user interface concepts and content management. Consolidated and updated inherited CSS. Wrote styles for main navigation and interior content. Print media design includes brochures, direct mailers, and packages, pocket folders, user manuals, trade show graphics and PowerPoint presentations.

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Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) | archived website

Merrill Lynch brokered a deal to have its options content posted by CBOE. Our team had to invent a way to post our visual standards from within the CBOE environment. Our primary UI concern was creating an easy to use (and maintain) navigation system for a site with 22 second-level navs. Once we decided the navs would also function as page markers, the rest was simply execution.

  • Visual statement was invented directly from reviewing the content.
  • CBOE and Merrill Lynch executives were involved in almost every phase
  • Worked with back-end engineers to dynamically generate the pages (DHTML/XML/ASP)
  • Result: CBOE and Merrill Lynch have kept the site running since its introduction in 2001.

TRAKRS | live website

Online marketing tool for a diversified investment trading program. In addition to being easy to read and maintain, an executive-level directive was to make this page (a) look completly different from, and (b) draw significantly faster than any other USPC sites.

  • Unique visual style created by creating a top, green, horizontal navbar
  • Faster load time achieved by minimal graphics use and CSS
  • Result: Merrill Lynch has been using and maintaining the site since its introduction in 2002.

USPC Public Pages | ML Direct | ML Online Benefits Online

This public face served as a Marketing tool, designed to entice potential customers into enrolling in our investment programs. Public pages had to be cross-platform coded to include Netscape 4 visitors (remember the era).

  • Graphics and Icons
  • Online Tours
  • Enrollment Pages
  • Result: Merrill Lynch is currently using and maintaining the site, indicating its merit and user satisfaction.

USPC Private Pages | ML Direct | ML Online

(Login Required) Worked with peers in Marketing to modify, enchance and invent content. Virtually every assignment had the same demands and restrictions (make it easy to read, easier to maintain, load fast as possible, and can you have it done yesterday?). Thankfully, the cross-platform directive (remember those Netscape 4 users?) was dumped in favor of coding private pages for IE 5.5+ by the end of 2002. Particular highlights of my work include:

  • WebNotes (icons and UI)
  • CheckFree
  • My Financial Picture (Powered by Yodlee)
  • TGAOL/NextGen (Desktop Manager Icons)
  • Wealth Management
  • Trackers (not to be confused with TRAKRS)
  • Result: Merrill Lynch is currently using and maintaining the site, indicating its merit and user satisfaction.

Special Offer Landing Page | Example

The popup window component of a direct mail campaign. Potential customers were given a special link, which would lead to this particular offer.

  • Consolidated and modified marketing copy from pre-existing pages
  • Tracked down endorsement sources for editorial accuracy
  • Created overall visual feeling with powerful graphics
  • Worked closely with marketing peers

Leapfrog Special MLD Offer | Example

A more elaborate version of the Special Offer campaign.

  • Modified pre-existing graphics that weren't designed to be presented together
  • Clarified conflicting copy
  • Worked especially closely with the marketing department

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