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Web Development + Design | Marshall Art Studio

Front-end development and slight visual changes for the medium-sized (90+ pages) website of a legendary creative services consultant. Enhanced markup for SEO and WAI/Section 508 usability and AJAX. Reworked information architecture from the ground up.

Objectives & Considerations

User Interface Considerations

  • Some text pages didn't need a second-level navigation (L2 Nav)
  • Some pages had unusably long L2 Navs (Web Design, Illustration, Sketchbook/SketchCrawl)
  • Masthead logo never visually changed on various link states (hover, active, etc.)

Marketing Considerations

  • Needed to be optimized for SEO
  • Comic Book section doesn't look like a major marketing concern
  • Call to Action needed when seeking work opportunities

Artistic Considerations

  • Overall design looked "too cluttered", obscuring vital content


  • Created third page template for pages with no L2 Nav
  • Added an AJAX toggle for super-long L2 Nav pages
  • Masthead logo now one graphic that gets moved around by the CSS (1 server trip instead of 3)
  • Adhered to Google Adword suggestions
  • Used META tags more strategically
  • Leveraged logic from, created larger home graphic
  • Put more deliberation into overall font treatment
  • Created a tighter connection between Comics and Art of the Comic Book sections
  • Designed the "Hero for Hire" prompt that can be show or hidden in the CSS
  • Deleted elaborate background graphics (BODY, L2 Nav, Ad Column)


The client is pleased with the final product, as well as the process of working with Marshall Art Studio

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Web Accessibility

The practice of making websites usable by people of all abilities and disabilities

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