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David Marshall - Web Development + Design | LTSave

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Web Development + Design | LTSave

Client Spotlight: LTSave

An SEC-registered retirement investment adviser. Using its proprietary Wealth Awareness™ approach, their advice is largely based on mutual funds, alternate investment options, company stock, or self-directed brokerage accounts. LTSave provides individuals and companies with objective, independent investment advice. Visit LTSave

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(2004 - 2007) Built XHTML/CSS retail and enterprise web sites, optimizing for a .NET environment. Designed and developed landing pages and web email campaigns. Focused on core functionality, user interface concepts and content management. Consolidated and updated inherited CSS. Wrote styles for main navigation and interior content. Print media design includes brochures, direct mailers, and packages, pocket folders, user manuals, trade show graphics and PowerPoint presentations.

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Specific Highlights

Web Design + Development: User Interface Sampler One

(2006) Clockwise from top left: Mini Report Card, Med Insurance Policies, Risk Slider, Registration FORM

Web Design + Development: User Interface Sampler Two

(2006) Retirement Guide, Action Steps 3-Tab. Module + graphic design

Web Design + Development: User Interface Sampler Three

(2006) - What Does It Cost, Numbers That Shape, Accout Details

Print Design + Production: University of Miami Benefits Update

(2006) Full color, 4-page, single-sheet newsletter.

Presentation Design: Miscellaneous Presentations

(2006) Designed to match material built with page layout applications, such as Adobe InDesign or Quark XPress. The challenge: PowerPoint doesn't have the object management tools of those page layout applications (linked images, right-align, styles or layers).

Print Design + Production: Instructional User Guide

(2005) Full-color, 5 ½" x 8 ½".

Print Design + Production: Pocket Folder

(2004) Designed to hold modular collections of lettersize marketing material. Designed, developed and produced from start to finish. Custom die-cut, special color separations.

Additional Highlights

Company Intranet | website

This was a company learning experience for using XML/XSLT. Success here would allow us to drive a lot of our content and navigation for the live site in XML (Content previously living in the DB or embedded in static ASPX files). Hammering my first XSLT to spit out the correct form was a rich and rewarding experience.

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HTML Email Newsletter | example

Part of an overall marketing campaign designed to create greater visibility. Working through the usual creative process, I created the visual design, graphics, type treatment, as well as the markup and CSS.

  • Coded in standards-compliant XHTML Strict + CSS for greater SEO
  • Worked closely with email tracking vendor Constant Contact

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Banner Ads (Internal) | Example

These internal banners were designed for use in the pre-registration pages, to provide subtle reinforcement of LTSave's core principles. The choices of stock photography reflects the "People Who Use LTSave" theme used throughout the banner ads, landing pages and pre-registration pages.

  • Designed "quite sell" look of the ads
  • Designed "ghosted pinstripe" look of the photographs, making them unique and enhancing the LTSave brand
  • Based slogans on abrreviated "LTSave Principles" from the Company pages
  • Matched appropriate photos with slogans
  • Modified content and form throughout the entire creative process

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Banner Ads (External, Linked to Landing Pages) | Examples

Designed for use on external financial websites, such as Yahoo Finance. Each banner links to a corrosponding Landing Page.

  • Reached standard (voluntary) banner sizes
  • Designed ad and copy to maximize approved essentials (happy person, price of offer, branding)
  • Created multiple versions, spotlighting a range of ages and ethnicities

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Landing Pages (Linked from External Banner Ads) | Example

A more detailed presentation of the content only hinted at in the Banner Ads. These pages feature 5 LTSave principles, and links to the Online Tour and Registration page.

  • Designed visual style and interface, with a nod to the existing LTSave styles
  • Wrote copy for headline, subheadline and opening paragraph
  • Designed HTML structure for easy content modification
  • Wrote cross-platform hide/show Javascript, allowing each principle to be seen at the user's convenience
  • Designed "Sign Up Now" button, the style of which was late applied to all other pre-registration buttons

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Online Tour | Example

A presentation of how to manage an LTSave account. Individual features are highlighted and explained. Potential customers get to this tour either through the pre-registration pages or the Landing Pages.

  • Took existing content; redesigned from the ground up
  • Designed new page layout, basing text styles on existing LTSave look
  • Improved clarity of screenshots, used Windows XP version
  • Wrote copy, modified text and design during the creative process

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