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Marshall Art Studio - Web Design + Development | CBS Radio WBZ "Head for Home"

Web Design + Development | CBS Radio

Client Spotlight: WBZ Radio

WBZ Radio is the CBS Broadcasting affiliate for the Boston area. It is the first commercially licensed radio station (first broadcast on September 19, 1921!) WBZ is the most listened to radio station in New England; providing up-to-the-minute news, weather & traffic reports all day and talk all night. Redesigned Head for Home Website

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This is a rebuild of a website I originally designed in 1999. "Head for Home" was considered an artistic and UI success for its time. Presenting it to a current audience, however, exposes its technical shortcomings (HTML 3, font tags, lots of embedded tables, no CSS). Sometimes, kicking it "old school" isn't the best option.

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Objectives & Considerations

Global Improvements

  • Retain the good elements from the original site
  • Visual design to be enabled for globally modification "on the fly", without harming content or touching individual pages one at a time
  • Format the HTML files for easy content modfication (just in case the client wants to revive this campaign)
  • Introduce the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) standards for the visually- or motor-impaired, as well as users of PDAs, text browsers or web-enabled telephone
  • Since this isn't a paying project, Total Development Time must be no more that 40 hours

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Technical Improvements

  • Modernized coding and usability by writing in XHTML
  • Centralized visual elements (fonts, colors, images, page layout, positioning) in CSS
  • Tagged content in ID and CLASS selectors
  • Rebuilt all image rollovers in CSS

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Layout Improvements

  • Rendered the main navigation column as line-item tags, creating more logical organization
  • Increased width of content area to 600 pixels
  • Redesigned content area of Room pages. Copy is now to the right of the feature illustration -- instead of the bottom. This keeps important content near the top of the page.

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Extra Improvements

  • Reconnected with old client for archived website
  • Created new illustrations for index page


Proved that I can design and code a corporate mini-site in a standard work week.

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WBZ NewsRadio

Heard in 38 states and in parts of Canada, WBZ Radio is the most listened-to radio station in New England; providing up-to-the-minute news, weather & traffic reports all day and talk all night.

CBS4 Boston

New England's Source For Breaking News, Weather, and Sports for Boston, Worcester, Cape Cod, Nashua and More. CBS4 is the CBS television station in Boston and is owned and operated by CBS Television Stations (formerly Viacom Television Stations Group).

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Specialty hardware for architects, builders, interior designers and discerning homeowners. Concentrating on bringing you top-quality items made in the USA, Europe and Japan.

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