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David Marshall - Sketchcrawl 23: Cambridge Massachusetts 02139

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SketchCrawl 23: Cambridge Massachusetts 02139

The Middle East Restaurant: Group Shot

(2009) Easily the largest 'Crawl I've ever led.

The Middle East Restaurant: Page One

(2009) Crowd and media took a while to settle. Barley had time to draw.

The Middle East Restaurant: Page Two

(2009) Closeup details of Page One.

The Phoenix Landing: Page One

(2009) Random sketches.

The Phoenix Landing: Page One

(2009) Peter, Emily and fooName hard at work.

The Field: Page One

(2009) I forgot to take photos, so can't remember anything remarkable. I did notice that the same regular at the bar from previous 'Crawls was in the exact same seat again. The beer is starting to take effect. Must ... keep ... moving!

The Field: Page Two

(2009) Details of the previous page.

Central Square Post Office: Page One

(2009) Staying indoors would've been stupid. Judging from the work, the artists must've felt liberated by the change in scenery. In particular, Joyce did an awesome job drawing a tree. Strangers came by to see what we were up to, and then — while getting in my shot — pose for pictures.

Central Square Post Office: Action Shot

(2009) While Joyce, Ben and Aya keep working, Samantha notices my grin. Darn right I'm happy; I just realized this is my first 'Crawl to get this far. I think we're gonna make it!

People's Republik: Page One

(2009) More barfly faces as my mind turns to mush.

People's Republik: Action Shot

(2009) Joyce, Samantha an Aya working away.

Grendel's Den: Page One

(2009) Barflies on the prowl.

Grendel's Den: Farewell Shot

(2009) Thanks to everyone who participated, wrote about us, thought about us, etc. For those who couldn't make it, we hope this 'Crawl looks fun enough for you to consider joining us next time.

SketchCrawl sample

Somehow still standing, from Left to Right: Kate Van Zyl, Samantha Milowsky, Your Humble Servant, Hyun Supul, Eric Kirchberg and Aya Rothwell

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