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David Marshall - Sketchcrawl 20: Cambridge Massachusetts 02139

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SketchCrawl 20: Cambridge Massachusetts 02139

Page One: The Middle East

(2008) Haven't sketched in months. Why do we always start with the glass in front of us?

SketchCrawl sample

SketchCrawl Log

photo of beer in glass

Either this is one amazing beer glass or I needed something easy for my first sketch in years. We got off to a slow start. I got here at noon, just seconds after Ralph Nader left. Young adults, including the bartender, are in awe (presumably from his past reputation as a consumer advocate, not for helping George Bush get a second term).

The downstairs hosted a "School of Rock" concert. I remember when they started booking bands here in the late '80s. Everyone from The Zulus, Morphine and GG Allin. Even Sonic Youth played here in disguise. Do these wholesome suburban parents -- getting their kids to stand patiently in line -- know about the venue's raunchy history? Somehow I doubt it. The mix of wholesome and dirty music is distracting.

I'm also trying to "journal", not merely draw objects. Don't know if I've pulled this off.

Oh yeah, the brush isn't following my commands very well. Overall line quality is thicker than my past work. Probably the 5 or 6 year layoff.

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Page Two: The Middle East

(2008) Random sketches. When people moved too quickly, I ran to my old standby of stationary rectangular objects.

SketchCrawl sample

SketchCrawl Log

A decent crowd came in. Some were inspired by The Boston Phoenix article. Others trolled the listings I placed in the local newspapers. Turns out we're all pretty rusty, bringing the skill level somewhere between Beginner and Intermediate. Using another brush is yielding much better results. Thick-thin happening at will.

photo of gang at The Middle East

(1) Sofia hasn't drawn a thing in 3 years. Of course she picks the most difficult object in the room to draw. (2) Stefanie, Desmond and Jessica invade. (3) Mark MacMillan crashes the party.

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Page Three: The Field

(2008) Once the mighty crew grew to 9, we went to The Field. More randomness, including the Eye art from a total stranger.

SketchCrawl sample

SketchCrawl Log

Here we are at The Field. Thanks to the newer brush, my work's getting better technically, but still ain't "journaling" my time. We swapped art supplies a few moments ago. Jess (with camera) hasn't used a sable brush and ink since high school. Good thing I brought Sam's "How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way".

photo gang at The Field

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Page Four: The Field

(2008) We swapped art supplies. The top is my first pencil sketch since art school. The bottom is my first brush-marker art ever.

Page Five: The Field

(2008) Spent time getting this one right, I think. See you all next time!


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