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David Marshall - Sketchcrawl 16: Cambridge Massachusetts 02139

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SketchCrawl 16: Cambridge Massachusetts 02139

Page One: Miracle of Science

(2007) I mistakenly showed up a day early, running through a dark, cold and rainy day.

Page Two: Miracle of Science

(2007) Unique lighting fixtures.

Page Three: 1369 Coffee House

(2007) Afternoon crowd.

Page Four: 1369 Coffee House

(2007) Focused on detail.

Page Five: by Sammy Marshall

(2007) Kid's pretty good with crow quill pen, sable brush and india ink. The crayon's not bad, either.

Page Six: 1369 Coffee House (Central Square)

(2007) Showing up on the right day makes a big difference. A crowd of girls; the lamp on my table.

Page Seven: 1369 Coffee House (Central Square)

(2007) Same session, the wall directly in front of me. Nothing's drawn to scale.

Page Eight: Miracle of Science

(2007) Afternoon crowd settles in for NFL coverage.

Page Nine: Miracle of Science

(2007) Same session, various people standing in line.

Page Ten: 1369 Coffee House (Inman Square, Park Bench)

(2007) Abstract thought, a flowerpot, someone waiting for someone.

Page Eleven: The Druid

(2007) Bartender, customers, freinds.

Wild Vine: Spread

(2007) Sam and I jam on superhero spread. For some reason, he always gets to draw the good guy. Does that seem fair?

Wild Vine: Bad Guy by Dave

(2007) I tried making this character mean as possible ...

Wild Vine: Good Guy by Sammy

(2007) ... but good wins over evil. Again. Oh well, seeya next time!


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Miracle of Science

Since 1991, draft beers, fine liquors, noted margaritas, hand made foods including our own salsa and ronie burger, open breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner.

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1369 Coffee House

Quality, freshness and great service every day. Even with four feet of snow.

The Druid

This beloved Inman Square institution is a true Irish Pub. Located in the oldest wooden mercantile building in Cambridge, the atmosphere is truly timeless.

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