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David Marshall - Sketchcrawl 12: Cambridge Massachusetts 02139

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SketchCrawl 12: Cambridge Massachusetts 02139

Page One: Miracle of Science

(2006) Leonard (local SketchCrawl coordinator), immediate surroundings, crow-quill pen and ink.

Page Two: Miracle of Science

(2006) The two female drawings were of someone at the table next to us. The "high concept" stuff came directly out of my head.

Page Three: Mariposa Bakery

(2006) After 2 hours, we moved across the street. I focused on one of two women at the table next to us.

Page Four: Mariposa Bakery

(2006) My PowerPoint-type graphic of the creative process as I currently understand it.


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Mariposa Bakery

It's in a weird spot at the edge of Central Square. That makes it a little quieter than the other coffee shops around.

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Miracle of Science

Since 1991, draft beers, fine liquors, noted margaritas, hand made foods including our own salsa and ronie burger, open breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner.

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The Field

Wide variety of Draught and bottled imported stouts, ales, lagers, and microbrews, as well as a full spirits bar.

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Wendy's Central Square

Open-door policy for public bathroom.

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