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David Marshall’s Sketchbook

Sketchbook Guest Star: Karen Cali

(2009) An unexpected reunion with Karen Cali, a MassArt classmate. Among other amazements, she leads SketchCrawls in Florida. She and her daughter stopped by Inman Square's 1369. The fact that we hadn't seen each other in 25 years didn't stop us from drawing, catching up or busting chops as if it were 1986.

Sketchbook Guest Star: Kit Cali

(2009) During what must've seemed like an old folks' reunion between her mother and I, Kit Cali managed to knock off this amazing drawing.

1369 Inman

(2009) Working out the cobwebs from having not sketched in a week.

1369 Inman (1 of 2)

(2009) Sam and I spent this non-school weekday at our most important coffee house. While I'm drawing on paper, he's using my Treo's TealPaint to make silly drawings; this was only reason he was still this long.

1369 Inman (2 of 2)

(2009) Getting my second wind, my overall proportions got better.

Sam Series "Monsters Eating Ben" (1 of 3)

(2009) This in-joke evolved into something that's probably only funny to Sam, Ben and I. Ben is a bartener and owner of Atwood's of Cambridge MA. Before this life he was an art student, an can still draw very detailed dinosaurs from memory. After a few years, I urged Ben to draw dinosaurs eating a kid -- who looked like Sam. Sam didn't like this at first, but recently started a revenge series called "Monsters Eating Ben" In this first installment, 3 dinosaurs take turns eating poor helpless Ben.

Sam Series "Monsters Eating Ben" (2 of 3)

(2009) See previous illustration for context. This installment shows a bunch of new monsters eating their favorite prey.

Sam Series "Monsters Eating Ben" (3 of 3)

(2009) See previous illustrations for context. Poor Ben is being eaten by a giant pod-monster. Who will help him? Who? Who?

Diesel Cafe (1 of 2)

(2009) Once again, trying to get Sam and Samantha's body language on paper, this time with a less detailed gestural approach. Unfortunately, the perspective didn't work out, which threw off the proportions.

Diesel Cafe (2 of 2)

(2009) My usual urge to draw -- instead of sketch -- almost works here. In real life, Samantha's laptop isn't as wide as her shoulders.

Bloc 11 Cafe

(2009) Random people while lunching with Samantha. With only an hour, good food and company, my sketching focus was at an all-time low.

True Grounds Cafe (1 of 2)

(2009) Trying to prepare a watercolor technique for the next SketchCrawl. Focusing purely on technique made me forget about drawing proportions accurately (that's not David Byrne from the Stop Making Sense tour).

True Grounds Cafe (2 of 2)

(2009) Working from pure imagination and color technique.

1369 Inman

(2009) Working out the watercolor/india ink technique. Any resemblance between these subjects and two of my Facebook friends is purely coincidental.

The Precinct

(2009) Most of the crowd listened to live music, while some were focused on the Tour de France (at this point, Lance is still a close third). People check their cellphones when their dates take a bathroom break, iPhone users particulary stand out. As I rip apart my own sketching skills, Samantha drops some timely advice. At least the time I've spent hand-lettering comic books appears to pay off.

True Grounds Cafe (1 of 2)

(2009) It rained like cats and dogs after I dropped Sam off to school. Discovered the best spot for sketching in the cafe is the table closest to the door, facing the crowd.

True Grounds Cafe (2 of 2)

(2009) Took a second shot at the wooden mask, as well as various strangers and my version of a wall painting. I'm beginning to like this place.

Sherman's Cafe (1 of 2)

(2009) I'm trying to get Samantha's relaxed working posture, but probably not getting it right.

Sherman's Cafe (2 of 2)

(2009) Side view behind the counter. The proportions here are fairly accurate.

Sound Bites

(2009) Samantha in deep concentration. I started drawing the second head when our breakfast arrived.

True Grounds Cafe

(2009) Sam, Samantha and I -- or "DSS" -- drawing away. I'm almost happy with this one.

1369 Inman (1 of 2)

(2009) Rode my bike here -- in the middle of a heat wave -- after dropping Sam off to school.

1369 Inman (2 of 2)

(2009) The only customer to sit still long enough for my primitive drawing skills to document.


(2009) Park Stage, Seven Hills Park (behind Somerville Theatre). This picture, drawn from the right side of the stage, is of a Senagalese band called Group Saloum.

Mariposa Bakery

(2009) Watercolor explosion. The first two (man head and cups) are my first watercolors in at least a decade. The right-side picture is a collaboration between Samantha and Yours Truly. She dressed up my content-free technique demonstration blob with facial feature linework.

Mariposa Bakery

(2009) This is Louie, who came into the cafe with his teenage twins. While the color work and painting are primitive, I'm happy the drawing is at least recognizable as depicting a human.

Mariposa Bakery

(2009) Louie's daughter Nadia is very artistically inclined. While I was painting her dad, she used my spare art supplies to draw the dog (from memory) and Samantha.

Mariposa Bakery

(2009) Louie's daughter Nadia drew the portrait of Yours Truly while I finished the drawing of her dad. While I was cleaning brushes after this, Nadia told Samantha "I think I drew his beard too dark".

The Precinct

(2009) Random Friday night in Somerville.

Daedalus Restaurant

(2009) Done while waiting for a meeting.

Donnelly Field: Behind the Valente Branch of the Cambridge Public Library

(2009) A wonderful Spring day lead to some outdoor sketching. A nobel teen activity called "Pledge for Peace" was setting up for music and food.

Union Square: Somerville MA

(2009) A warm Summer afternoon spent drawing just in front of The Precinct, who had only set up their outdoor tables only a week before.

True Ground Cafe: Page One

(2009) Various people, objects and a 60-pound sack of potatoes.

True Ground Cafe: Page Two

(2009) Some silliness, plus Sam's stuffed dog Butterscotch. My brushwork's finally getting better.

True Ground Cafe, Samuel Todd Marshall: Page One

(2009) The kid started off with imaginative animal drawings. Under protest, he drew a pretty accurate picture of a standing lamp.

True Ground Cafe, Samuel Todd Marshall: Page Two

(2009) Various imaginative, super-powered animals.

True Ground Cafe, Samuel Todd Marshall: Page Three

(2009) Super-powered animals, plus a father-son collaboration.

True Ground Cafe: Mask Comparison

(2009) Two generations of Marshall Men square off as Sam and I ended up drawing the same mask.

Traditional + Corel Painter: September 21

(2006) Big production of sketches I made during Dev meetings. Some things never change.

Corel Painter: Sample One

(2001) Various coffee houses in Cambridge and Northampton MA.

Corel Painter: Sample Two

(2001) One long night at the 1369 coffee house, Cambridge MA.

Palm OS TealPaint: Sample One

(2001 - 2004) Doodles done on my Palm Pilot during dev meetings. I must've looked like a very dedicated worker.

Corel Painter: Page One

(2000) Northampton, Cambridge, Someday Cafe in Somerville (RIP).

Corel Painter: Page Two

(2000) Someday Cafe in Somerville (RIP).

Corel Painter: Page Three

(2000) Various coffee houses in Cambridge. Colorized pair from the 1369. Thanks, Bob.

Corel Painter: Page Four

(2000) Daydreaming at the Diesel Cafe, Massachusetts College of Art.

Corel Painter: Page Five

(2000) Someday Cafe in Somerville (RIP).

Pen and India Ink: Page One

(1999) The tighter drawings were done with pencil first. Others from various pubs. The "arrowhead" sketch was recently used as inspiration for finished art.

Pen and India Ink: Page Two

(1999) Starbucks in Brookline MA, Espresso Royale coffee house.

Pen and India Ink: Page One

(1999) B & D Deli in Brookline MA.

Pen and India Ink: Page Two

(1999) Starbucks in Brookline MA, Casablanca in Cambridge MA, various locations in San Francisco.

Brush and India Ink: Page One

(1995) Starbucks, Grendel's Den, various brain droppings.

Brush and India Ink: Page Two

(1995) Grendel's Den, Paris FR.

Brush and India Ink: Page Three

(1995) Wash drawings from a Harvard Square session.

Brush and India Ink: Page Four

(1995) Portaits, brain droppings. The tall one's an action drawing of a hyperactive kid.

Brush and India Ink: Page Five

(1995) Tall one's a mindscape/abstract diary of my old Brock Street apartment. Head and eye from brain droppings. Construction sign from Brookline MA.

Brush and India Ink: Page Six

(1995) Wash drawings from a Harvard Square session. Couple from the Grecian Yearning diner in Allston MA.

Brush and India Ink: Page Seven

(1995) "Between the Shadow and the Idea Lies the Deed" My version of a painting owned by my Dad.


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