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It's Been a Long Time

This is the busiest year in our family's history. My own hectic workload -- involving toilet training, learning to put on my own clothes generally being silly -- severly cut into my website dev time. At least the XHTML code-base is more flexibly than my crazy schedule. Maybe now I'll finally get my own PDA.

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You can find us at Sennott Park

Written by Mom, July 5, 2004

Now that the warm weather is here, the City of Cambridge has turned on the water! You can usually find us at Sennott Park on the corner of Broadway and Norfolk from 5:30ish to 6:30ish since we cut through this park on the way to and from daycare. This has got to be one of the most vibrant parks in Cambridge, if not the Greater Boston area. Depending on the heat, how boisterous the big kids are being (a "push factor"), and the number of dogs in Dog Club (a "pull factor"), you will find us in the sprinkler, the playground or on the field with Blue, Jackie and Sam's other four-legged friends. This is the best of urban life. With parks like this, who needs a yard? Come by some time and play with us!

"Mommy's at work – that's not nice!"

Written by Mom, June 16, 2004

The hardest thing about teaching the Spring semester at Dartmouth College was leaving my little guy during the week. (Okay – actually the hardest part was getting past my irrational neuroses about teaching the kinds of students I would never have crossed paths with in high school.) But ten weeks of leaving Sam early Monday mornings and not returning until Friday afternoons was another kind of learning experience: I learned that we missed each other enormously but that Sam is confident enough (and his Dad entirely competent enough) to carry on without Mommy (from time to time).

Staying with my cousins (Tom and Marie and Katie and Andrew) in White River Junction kept the lonelies away. And every night David and I got our money's worth from Sprint PCS while he filled me in on all the details of Sam's day from what he ate for breakfast to his report card from Daycare to their post-daycare rituals (the park, the coffee shop, Stella Bella toys and Bukowski's for a burger and beer/milk.

Sam reduced my absence to a few key phrases: "Mommy's at work – that's not nice," and "Tomorrow's Friday – Mommy's coming home!" David reported that while playing with a big toy elephant and a little toy elephant at the 1369 Coffee House, Sam said "This is the mommy and this is the baby. The baby misses the mommy." When I would pick Sam up at daycare on Friday afternoons, I got the best bear hug in the world. We'd make our usual stop at Sennott Park on the way home. Sam would play on his own but run to me from time to time, give me a big hug, and say "I'm so happy."

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and it is so true –I even enjoyed changing poopy diapers on my weekends home. No exaggeration!

That's A Banana on the Record

Written by Dad, May 31, 2004

We got a visit from SuperTim Blevins (yes, the famed writer, worker and picnic-table mover) today. He came over to take some records that got water-damaged during our basement flood. Sam was very active and vocal in helping Tim decide which records were worth keeping. Evidently, he digs Lou Reed's earlier work.

Grampa Eddie, Gramma Sue in Boston

Written by Dad, May 24, 2004

Sue got a bunch of her relatives and friends at Inman Square's famed S&S Deli for dinner. Sam enjoyed the excitement, the food, and the bunch of toys from Sue. Oh yeah, Sam now things Grampa Eddie can crawl up walls like Spider-Man.

Doctor Mom Graduates from Brandeis

Written by Dad, May 23, 2004

Sam was a joy to be with during this early-morning graduation ceremony of the Anthropology department. He spoke up occasionally, but never loudly. Some in the audience, however, thought any noise from a kid was too much noise. This made Sam's vocal participation all the more enjoyable.

Grampa Eddie comes to Boston

Written by Dad, May 16, 2004

Eddie's on the way to Sweden for a gig with Toshiko. On the way, he stopped by to see his Boston grandson. The two hit it off (again) and were best friends in minutes! They played with drums, hung out at the toy store, watched Spider-Man and read bedtime stories.

After Daycare Routine (Coffee Shop)

Written by Dad, May 8, 2004

This kid's getting to be ... a person. Our post-daycare routine usually brings us to the 1369 Coffee Shop. The new thing is that Sam's learning how to hang out on his own. He knows the names of his favorite workers, where their toys are, and can sit on his own chair for a while. He also runs up and down the hallway, greeting people and offering to help them eat their cookies.

Andy's May Day Picnic

Written by Dad, May 1, 2004

Sammy completely enjoyed this annual event. We arrived a bit on the early side, and went to a nearby beach while Andy set up his home. People who remembered him from two years ago were amazed at his growth and development.