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Marshall Art Studio: Current Projects

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Current Projects

Planning the information design for this page was difficult. Should it be sorted primarly by media (web, illustration, etc.), chronological order, or something completion status? After much deliberation and consultation, it seems status-sorting is the most useful for curious visitors:

Active Projects

Dave's New Comicbook: The Dee Brown Incident

(2009) A classic "fitting the description" story from Boston's recent past. Detained by police...

Art Instructor: The Art of the Comic Book

(2009) This course covers many methods for developing comic books. Throughout the course ...

Dave's New Comicbook: Schoolfight!

(2009) A Pseudo-Biography of life in 1976. The mouth of a high school senior ...

Dave's New Comicbook: The Null Device

(2009) What started off as a finished version of my 24-hour comic "Soaked" has turned into a fully-realized ...

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Ongoing Projects

David Marshall Contributes to Illustration Friday

(2006 - Present) A topic is posted every Friday and then participants have all week to come up with their own interpretation ...

Marshall Art Studio Updates Online Portfolio for Web Accessability Initiative

(2007 - Present) Currently addressing the Priority 1 and 2 checkpoints. Turn off your CSS + Javascript ...

Dave Converts "Six Year Old Horse Thief" as Children's Story

(2007 - Present) Presenting this story in its current form to a child failed miserably. Six years of reading ...

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Recently-Completed Projects

SketchCrawl 23

(2009) A pub crawl with art supplies. It took us over seven hours, but we finally made it from Central Square to Harvard Square ...

Free Demo of Traditional Media Techniques

(2009) David Marshall gave free demonstrations of professional ink-on-paper techniques ...

Eddie Marshall: New Web Design & Development

(2009) Redesigned content, markup and visual design of a small (7 pages) website for an ...

Comic Book Event: Exhibit at Atomic Bean Cafe

(2009) David Marshall's work is part of an exhibition of local comic book artists. The show is hosted ...

Comic Book Event: Boston Comic Con 2009

(2009) David Marshall attended the Boston Comic Con, sharing space with the Boston Comics ...

BRA “Powering Up” Web Development

(2009) Front-end coding of website and admin tool for a state government client ...

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Ancient History

24-Hour Comics Day

(2008) A landing page for my participation of this annual, worldwide movement: complete 24-page comic book ...

Web Design + Development for Carbonite

(2008) Front-end development and visual design for e-Commerce Marketing group. Worked closely ...

Web Design + Development for Story Street

(2008) Story Street is an angel investment firm, working with search and financial services sectors as an investment advisor and ...

David Marshall Completed this Year's 24 Hour Comic!

(2007) An annual, worldwide movement: complete 24-page comic book -- story, art, colors, lettering -- in 24 continuous hours ...

Web Design + Development for Peabody River

(2007) Peabody River Asset Management is an independent investment adviser offers discretionary investment ...

David Marshall Contributes to SketchCrawl 12

(2006) On a seasonal schedule, artists from around the world to participate by journaling about their day and what's around them.


(2006) More proof that bookworms with pretensions to higher art never outgrow their teenage fanboy obsessions.

Marshall Art Studio Provides Illustration for McGraw-Hill

(2004) Color illustrations for a web-based interactive project, called Guias.

Shower Powered

(2005) First installment of the "Wacky Accidents" series. In each episode, the same character dies from a different, clumsy household accident.

David Marshall Designs Client Newsletter for LTSave

(2006) Full color, 4-page, single-sheet publication. The content outlines new employment benefits for a major university's new faculty and staff.

Marshall Art Studio Designs Website for CBS Radio

(2005) As a creative downtime project, I rebuilt one of my old designs from 1999. CBS Radio's "Head for Home" campaign was considered an artistic and ...

Zip's Last Day

(2004) One-shot, short story. A man's sensitive nature and passive-aggressive fury leads to misery, horror and murder.

David Marshall Designs Application User Guide for LTSave

(2004) Instructional guide for using an intricate web application. Worked closely with development team for technical accuracy.

Marshall Art Studio Launches New Website for Craig Shaw Gardner

(2004) Established fiction writer, specializing in fantasy, horror and science fiction.

Marshall Art Studio Launches New Website for The Federation of Massachusetts Farmers' Markets

(2004) A non-profit organization for farmers, consumers and communities.

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