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Illustration Friday Night

Superhero: Batgirl in Trouble

iFriday: Batgirl in Trouble

Tech Talk

Original art "pencilled" in Adobe Photoshop, "inked" in Corel Painter, then brought back into Photoshop for coloring and collage. Pages were lettered in Adobe Illustrator.

Freshness Dating

Refurbished, from a work-in-progress.

DVD Extra

This satirical work recreates the real world of 1968, as seen by characters from the Batman television show (IMDb | Wiki). In order to make the satire work, I did an obsessive amount of visual research. The likenesses of my drawings are based on Yvonne Craig -- as well as Adam West, Burt Ward, Caesar Romero. The sound effects are vector recreations of those used in the show. Artistically, I was aiming for drawings of the show actors as inked by Dan DeCarlo (Wiki | Pinup Art | Amazon: The Art of Dan DeCarlo ), colored with the hand-separated, large line-screen technology that was standard of the era.


Real life got in the way of IF this week. As part of my new job/freelance search, a major IE6 CSS bug on my website got "discovered" during an interview! The good news is that my site is finally optimized for IE6 without trashing in the CSS-compliant browsers ... just in time for Vista/IE7. Nice to see hard work pay off in the end.

Comments So Far ...

Blogger Dave M! says:

Archived comments from the IFN's more wholesome sister:

Detlef January 24, 2007 12:53 AM
I fear a wedgie in progress....KaButt!! I like the montage feel of this.

Brine Blank January 24, 2007 4:27 PM
#1. Don't worry...macs will take over before too long...Vista...ppfffftth...

#2. I must've missed that episode...Reminds me of Lichtenstien...funny..

#3. They had a show on the history of comic books that talked about the creator of Wonder Woman...should you have seen that or know what I'm talking about...that makes this all the more funny...

Terry June 19, 2007 10:50 AM
I love this. Robin finally has the upper hand! Good for you Boy Wonder! Permanent Link


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Like its older sister, Illustration Friday Night is a voluntary, client-free playground for illustrators. A topic is posted every Friday morning. Participants from around the world create, post and share their interpretations. Think of us as a younger, more mischievous sibling.

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At this stage of my career, I need a weekly public exercise to draw anything at all.

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