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Marshall Art Studio: Illustration Friday

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Illustration Friday


Tech Talk Adobe Illustrator (with airbrush blends in Photoshop), found art. Backwards-engineered album art for custom presentation. Turns out going vector isn't much faster for me than Painter.

Time Machine For those younger than dirt, this is my vamped-up rendition of Joy, a character from the hit 1970s Saturday morning live-action Bugaloos (Official | Wiki). Considering its producers might have been high as a kite -- even by 1970s standards -- it's a miracle the episodes were even coherent. The show's popularity was very likely from Caroline Ellis, the 19-year-old actress who played Joy. It's been over 30 years now. Can you name someone other than Caroline or Martha Raye?

Pinup for my vamped-up version, the body is based on a 26-year old Mara Carday (AOL Photo Swipe | Official | Wiki).

iFridaynista Slow work week for Dave? Yes.

Comments So Far ...

Blogger HARDWAX says:

No I can't, and I don't know the show, but I think I'm sorry I missed it.
This young woman looks like she has a buzz on and looking to put the buzz on others given half a chance-look at her busily lacing her fairy shoes.
Beautiful work, wow! Permanent Link


Blogger steve says:

Great stuff! I think I had a crush on her as a kid. All those shows were very "inspired" I think--land of the Lost, Banana Split Gang, and of course H.R. Puffinstuff. Permanent Link


Anonymous Detlef says:

This one (thankfully?) didn't make down under - at least not that I can recall. I had thought of doing a homage to the Buzzcocks for this topic, but time escapes me. I did enjoy the Banana Splits. Permanent Link


Blogger Jeannette says:

great legs! Permanent Link


Blogger Pati @-;-- says:

Wow! Beautiful pair of legs :) Awesome illo! Permanent Link


Blogger Michelle Lana says:

great work! Permanent Link


Blogger mikepflaumart says:

Love your work. also enjoy your 'tech talk'. Always like to hear about the tools others use, especially if it's painter, in their work. Permanent Link


Blogger Digital Scott's illustrationblog says:

Another great piece that makes me think of Vargas...

You surely are busy at illustration this week! Permanent Link


Blogger JO says:

Very cool illo, though I have to say I love your coffee stain!! I think it's probably my favorite of the week. Thanks for your comments on my blog. Permanent Link


Blogger Nicole says:

Thanks for your comment on my blog. It's a big encouragement for me. Permanent Link


Blogger patrick says:

very sexy,shes beautiful.

great piece. Permanent Link


Blogger Chio_Garu says:

Cool ^^ Permanent Link


Blogger Toyebot says:

Sexy piece! Illustrator is tuff..Cheers Permanent Link


Anonymous Linda S says:

The Bugaloo girl is divine. Your type, perhaps? (I must figure out what I did with those lace-up slippers....) Permanent Link


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