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Marshall Art Studio: Illustration Friday

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Illustration Friday


Repurposed, no ... refurbushed art. The drawing is part of a failed 24-Hour Comic (24 pages in 24 hours). It took me 24 hours just to get 11 pages done. By 6:30 AM, I was bleary-eyed and incapable of making even the most basic decisions. This panel shows how most fictional characters are really just different views of the writer.

Comments So Far ...

Blogger studio lolo says:

Brilliant stuff!! Permanent Link


Blogger Michelle Lana says:

Very nice! great work! Permanent Link


Blogger Helena says:

Great! You know, Dave, I think this could work the other way round too. I mean, you could be taking off the everyday "masks" and find a Spiderman or any other superhero under the regular human face. We all have multiple identities and though I doubt most of us could do superhero stuff, people accomplish a lot more difficult things at times than just climbing a building or saving the world...:) Permanent Link


Blogger Jeannette says:

Wow, all your mask pieces are really good! Permanent Link


Blogger Shano says:

I never knew they were the same guy! Hee. Well done! Permanent Link


Blogger bill zeman says:

pretty cool - great drawing too, and I think about how most comic book artists just draw the same heroic face all the time for any character and just rely on the costume to tell who is who Permanent Link


Blogger steve says:

You're on a roll this topic. This is brilliant! Permanent Link


Anonymous robertc says:

this is really fun piece! Permanent Link


Anonymous at says:

between your caption and helena's reply i find myself in a vortex of infinite regress... Permanent Link


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