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David Marshall - Comic Book Art | The Null Device

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The Null Device

(PG; SciFi/Action/Dreamscape) Story and art by David Marshall. The final product is inspired by my entry into last year's 24-Hour Comics Day. A lone agent must transmit data into enemy territory, fight an army, rescue a damsel in distress and save the world. Published in Outbound, a science fiction anthology by the Boston Comics Roundtable.

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The Boston Comics Roundtable

Founded to unite Boston-area comics creators for workshops, publishing opportunties, professional development and networking.

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Hub Comics

A truly neighborhod comics shop, located in Union Square. Friendly help, late hours, supports local and independent work, lots of stuff but not cramped and great with kids. What's not to love?

Pearl Paint

The "World's Largest Discount Art Supplier" for over 70 years. Artists served through our retail stores, Catalog Sales and Internet Marketing Divisions.

24 Hour Comics

Create a 24-page comic book in 24 continuous hours.

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