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David Marshall - Comic Book Art | Lucky Seven; The Dee Brown Incident

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Lucky Seven: The Dee Brown Incident

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(PG; Boston History/Drama) Story and art by David Marshall. In 1990 a black resident and Boston Celtics rookie was stopped in his car and detained by police who concluded without much evidence that he had robbed a nearby bank. Published in Inbound, an anthology by the Boston Comics Roundtable.

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The Boston Comics Roundtable

Founded to unite Boston-area comics creators for workshops, publishing opportunties, professional development and networking.

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HighBeam Research, Inc.

Premiere online library for research, facts, and articles. Millions of articles from newspaper archives, journal articles, magazine back issues, reference works and more.

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New York Times: Dee Brown and You

"...Dee Brown, the Boston Celtics' top draft choice, a black math and computer science major, was confronted at gunpoint by police who saw him near the scene of a bank robbery in a white neighborhood..."

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World of Wellesley

Dedicated to making Wellesley a welcoming community where diversity is celebrated.

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Springfield Armor

The NBA's developmental team in Springfield MA.

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