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Comic Book Stories + Art

Moving to Inky Stories

Comic book content is slowly being moved from here to my Inky Stories site. It's updated every Thursday, and will be the new home for my comics and comics-related articles. It's only been up 8 months, and is already popular enough that maintaining 2 sites for the same content is a redundant burden.

Batgirl’s Bad Day

(R; Satire/Sexual Content) Combining the actual styles of the American life in the 1960s with the quietly subversive Batman television series.

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The Bleeding Mirror

(R; Horror/Psychological Drama/Social Commentary) This symbolic tale serves as one response to the mass media and urban loneliness.

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Dead by the Pool

(R; Action/Psychological Drama/Sexual Content) A surrealistic dreamscape of redemptive lust and spiritual loss, with just a touch of chlorine.

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(R; Horror/Crime/Social Commentary) This supernatural revenge thriller exposes the side effects of one man's built-up frustrations.

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Lucky Seven: The Dee Brown Incident

(PG; Boston History/Drama) In 1990 a black resident and Boston Celtics rookie was stopped in his car and detained by police who concluded without much evidence that he had robbed a nearby bank.

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School Fight!

(R; Pseudo-Biography) The mouth of a high school senior in 1976 repeatedly writes checks he can't cash.

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Six-Year-Old Horse Thief: Dux vs. Redux

(G; Childhood Memory) A personal story, from a time when there were no cellphones, no VCRs and only one Starbucks.

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Hero for Hire

Put this creative services expertise to work for you:

“David Marshall is an amazing artist! He's master of a myriad styles, all excellent. My only puzzlement is why the world doesn't know about him yet. Hey world, wake up!”

Trina Robbins